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The "New (not like your granny’s) Mark 2 Perm"

The look of the moment is all about texture and movement. Forget the hair raising disasters of the 80s - because the “New (not like your granny’s) Mark 2 Perm” is a much softer, more believable curl.

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Returning To Life After Lockdown!

Since lockdown began one of the things at the top of everyone’s “missing the most” list is an appointment with their hairdresser and at the time of writing, hairdressers have been given the date of 4th July (aka Hair Independence Day) as the date that they can set about putting the nation’s locks back in shape!

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Top tips for going grey gracefully!

Did you know that just over half of UK woman colour their hair?- Either at home or professionally. But when and how do we stop?

I’ve been colouring my hair since I was about 14 and like many woman my age it all started with a sachet of “Shaders and Toners” wash in and wash out shampoo that promised a touch of colour and amazing shine

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Home hair colour vs Salon colour

Passing through the aisle of haircare on a recent supermarket trip I found myself tuning in on the discussion two young girls were having while selecting hair colour.

Have you ever noticed how the model on the box looks like she's full of happiness with her glossy, multi toned coloured, beautifully flowing hair?....

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Salon quality or cheap off the shelf hair care?

It’s just shampoo- right? Does where it comes from or how much it costs really make that much difference to your hair?

As Hairdressers of 30 something years we are regularly being asked this question and in truth what's important to you in a shampoo might not mean anything to someone else! For some the choice goes no further than the price tag —but consider these few factors to help you make your choice...

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Why patch testing is a must for all good salons.

A lady called into my salon last week. She had just flown in for her niece's wedding the following day and desperately needed her roots touching up. Fantastic.

We had a space and could fit her in straight away, but, it is a legal requirement for salons to carry out a skin test 48 hours before a colour.

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