Home hair colour vs Salon colour

Passing through the aisle of haircare on a recent supermarket trip I found myself tuning in on the discussion two young girls were having while selecting hair colour.

Have you ever noticed how the model on the box looks like she's full of happiness with her glossy, multi toned coloured, beautifully flowing hair?...... But the thing is, that model's hair was most certainly done by a professional probably using a different hair colour completely-In fact if you look again the same model seems to be sporting a different shade on every box hmmm....

I can never understand how anyone can trust themselves enough to dye their own hair as there really is much more to the hair colour process than chucking a boxed dye through your hair over the bathroom sink.

Ok......a visit to the salon for colour can be a costly experience and many are tempted by the cheaper option of the supermarkets home colour box dye kit but when it comes to hair colour, like most things, you get what you pay for and the time and money spent on correcting when things go wrong can be quite a sacrifice.

So...Should you risk colouring your hair at home? I definitely wouldn’t suggest it but if you do, here are some points to consider.....

Although the dye isn’t that different to the ones some professionals use the formulation is stronger: Box dye doesn’t discriminate! so no matter how thin, thick, coarse, dark, light, highlighted, colour treated, or chemically processed your hair is the colour has to be strong enough to work on anyone's hair

At the salon your stylist will have considered all the above before continuing and has the ability to then highlight, lowlight, ombre, balayage, lighten and darken your hair unlike anything a box dye can do.

We hairdressers love to get creative and customise your colour but if cost is an issue, talk to your stylist about different colour options; We have colour guests whose appointments range from every four weeks to every six months! Or with the many salons training apprentices in our area there are always opportunities for low cost colouring.

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