Top tips for going grey gracefully!

Did you know that just over half of UK woman colour their hair?- Either at home or professionally. But when and how do we stop?

I’ve been colouring my hair since I was about 14 and like many woman my age it all started with a sachet of “Shaders and Toners” wash in and wash out shampoo that promised a touch of colour and amazing shine - and it did although most of the “Rich mahogany” liquid probably ended up on the bathroom carpet and halfway up the wall! from here we progressed to the lighter shades of Sun-In - “get Sun kissed hair” by simply spraying hydrogen peroxide and water into your hair and dry with a hairdryer... I’m trying to look at the brown to orange hair transformation through objective eyes!

Thankfully for me, my DIY hair colouring came to an abrupt end as I entered a career in hairdressing but in the following years when a younger colleague pointed out I would soon be colouring my hair as a necessity rather than for fun I became well and truly hooked on hair colour.

Many woman go to the salon at least every 6 weeks and as hair gets greyer and colour doesn’t cover so well it may be even more.

So how do we stop?

Without a doubt embracing the grey and growing your hair slowly is the most difficult and not for the impatient.

Here are a few ideas to discuss with your stylist!

If you have a very dark colour make a start by gradually going lighter on each root application and start using deep cleansing shampoos to help lighten up the intensity of the colour naturally. A shorter cut with layers can add texture and distract from the “tramline” grey regrowth - perfectly straight one length hair will have a more obvious regrowth.

Leave a few extra weeks before your colour and add darker and lighter foils to the hair to blend the demarcation or talk to your stylist about adding thicker highlights to the mid lengths and ends to help break up the colour.

With the trend for silver ash tones still in full swing with our younger counterparts, now is the perfect time to introduce pastel ash tones to your hi lighted hair.

Whichever way you decide don’t completely ditch your colourist: There’s probably less than 10% of us that grey evenly to a silky and beautiful platinum silver so adding a few hi or low lights for contrast or a toner will always make your hair look more premium.

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